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PRESENTING JAPAN Main Art by Yoshitaka Amano

The venue for the Rugby World Cup will move from England to Japan, where the tournament is due to be held in 2019. Creative artists, craftspeople, chefs, sporting figures and other people representing the best of Japan were gathering in London at the end of October in 2015 to convey the values of the nation to a worldwide audience. Presentations involving six topics were given over a period of six days by many illustrious individuals who very rarely come together on the same stage.

Sat 24th October to Fri 30th October, 11.00 to 18.00 (London time)
QEⅡ Centre,Broad Sanctuary,Westminster,London SW1P 3EE
Japan Presentation 2015 Executive Committee


Cultural food

Japanese cuisine has gained World Heritage status, and the techniques employed in chopping the materials and maintaining their freshness are the product of a profound Japanese philosophy and of an approach to food materials very different from that evident in Western cuisine.
Various people involved in the world of gastronomy including a Michelin-starred chef discussed the fascination of Japanese cuisine.

  • “Revolution of fish and chip” Yoshinori Ishii The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

  • “How Foreign Chefs View Japanese Food, and its Potential” Brett GRAHAM The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

  • “The Potential of Japanese Food in the Current Food Environment in London, and a Summary” Sybil KAPOOR The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

  • “Opening Address” Yoshitsugu Minagawa The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

  • “Current Japanese Sake Environment in London and its Future Outlook” Rie Yoshitake The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

  • “Japanese sake as a Traditional Industry: Initiatives of a Long-Established Sake Brewery” Tokubee Masuda The presentation on Oct. 24,2015

Technology with heart

Did you know that one of Japan's most adored pop idols is actually a virtual star created by singing voice synthesizer? Top Japanese creatives revealed the inventive technology they use to give robots or virtual personae like this a range of 'emotions'.

  • “My Everyday Life Living with a Robot” Tomomi Ota The presentation on Oct. 25,2015

  • “Perceptive Security Technology” Yuji Ukai The presentation on Oct. 25,2015

Timeless creation

Traditional and pop culture have both come to symbolise Japan. Although at first glance these two elements might seem like complete opposites, is it possible that they actually influence one another and thereby evolve in new directions? Several speakers showed time- and space-defying presentations.

  • “The Art of Mastering” Takahiro Yagi The presentation on Oct. 26,2015

  • “What is real Japanese Cool?” Katsumi Sakakura The presentation on Oct. 26,2015

  • “Beyond Borders Tradition For Future” Ryo Kagami The presentation on Oct. 26,2015

Social innovation

Explore social innovations that began in Japan designed to improve and support the country's future - experience and discover the new world of cutting-edge next generation TV technology and learn Japan's recent environmental technologies, life science and ITC.

  • “Marriage Between Inclusive Design and Digital Fabrication” Daijiro Mizuno The presentation on Oct. 27,2015

Sport for Tomorrow

Why do judo wrestlers bow to their opponents? Is the Japanese spirit of fair play, ingrained in even the youngest children, actually rooted in the way of the samurai? In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sport for Tomorrow discussed Japanese sportsmanship and how they wish to pass it on to the rest of the world.

  • “Opening Remarks” Daichi Suzuki The presentation on Oct. 28,2015

  • “The Spirit BUDO and Sport for Tomorrow” Yoko Tanabe The presentation on Oct. 28,2015

Visit Japan

Japan's true appeal lies not only in major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but also in the smaller towns. This presentation showed the highlights of the 12 Japanese cities that will be hosting games during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. This is your chance to plan ahead and pick out destinations for your trip to Japan.

  • “Zooming In and Out of Japan” Takeo Funabiki The presentation on Oct. 29,2015


  • Patrick Newell
  • Yoshinori Ishii
    Executive Chef
    Restaurant UMU
  • Brett Graham
    Executive Chef
    The Ledbury
  • Ryosuke Mashio
    Head Sommelier,
    Restaurant UMU
  • Kazuya Ishida
    ceramic artist
  • Sybil Kapoor
    Food Writer
  • Daito Manabe
    Media Artist/Rhizomatiks Research Director
    photo by Shizuo Takahashi
  • Hiroyuki Itoh
    CryptonFuture Media,INC. CEO
  • Yuji Ukai
    FFRI, inc. Founder/Chief Executive Officer
  • Tomomi Ota
    Robot Partner
  • Yoshitaka Amano
  • Takahiro Yagi
    6th generation craftsman
  • Ryo Kagami
    GO ON Producer
  • Katsumi Sakakura
  • Taichi Kimura
    Film Director
  • Eisuke Tachikawa
  • Shin Azumi
    Product Designer
  • Daijiro Mizuno
    Keio University Associate Professor Design Researcher
  • Koro Fukazawa
  • Daichi Suzuki
    Commissioner, Japan Sports Agency
  • Yoko Tanabe
    Executive Board member of All Japan Judo Federation / Silver medalist
  • Sir Martin Davidson KCMG
    Chair,International Inspiration
  • Masahiro Kunda
    Japan Rugby Football Union Board Member for Special Missions
  • Yukihiko Nunomura
    The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Senior Executive Board Member/ Chief Operating Officer
    Tokyo 2020 / Shugo TAKEMI
  • Martin Barrow
    VisitJapan Ambassador
  • Takeo Funabiki
    Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo/A Board Member of Arts Council Tokyo
  • Tim Webb
    Vice President - Franchising & Alliances, Time Out Group

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QEII Centre,Broad Sanctuary,Westminster,London SW1P 3EE

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